Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weigh-In Wednesday 2.29.12

50.4 pounds down.


I don't really know what else to say...

I can't believe I did it.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekly 9-52 Challenge: Null and Void

I'm not creative enough to come up with ideas, so I'm not going to keep doing it.

That is all.


Week 8 Challenge: Update

Week 8 Challenge: Appreciate Your Life

Challenge Recap: This week, the challenge is to find ways to appreciate your life.

I am so fortunate and this week helped me to realize that once again.  I am SO blessed to be surrounded my great people.  I have the most precious daughter that a mother could ever ask for and my husband is pretty swell, as well *wink*  I've got a great family and great friends.  And hey, ya'll!  I CAN RUN 5 MILES WITHOUT STOPPING!  I'm healthy and happy and there ain't nothing wrong with that.

Am I grumpy sometimes?  Yep.  Negative, too?  Sure am.  But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate all I have.

How did you do?


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Long Run - Done!

Did 5.5 miles when only 5 were scheduled.  Super proud of myself!

Got my first case of chub rub, too.  On both my arms.  It isn't too terrible, but now I understand why people use BodyGlide or whatever it is.  Or maybe I should just wear a shirt when I run on the treadmill and not just my sports bra...


Live and learn!

Have a great weekend.  :)


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

40 Days and 40 Nights

I'm Catholic.

It is Lent.

What am I giving up until Easter?

This year is tough...

Soda? - Nope...I already don't drink it...

Fast Food? - Nope...I already don't eat it...

Chocolate? - NO WAY!  ARE YOU FREAKIN' CRAZY?!?!?

What am I left with???

Here we go...

  • No Candy (Kali is doing it...maybe it will be easier as a team...but I still get gum...because gum isn't REALLY candy)
  • No Swearing (we will see how this goes)
  • More Positivity (gotta try to be better)

Let's do it.


Weigh-In Wednesday 2.22.12

I'm still super bummed that I couldn't move that little bit overnight.  Less than half a pound...

I should be happy.  I am back at my lowest weight again.

When I first hit this weight on 2.1.12, I was really happy...super proud...

Now, I just feel all flobby (yes, I know that isn't a word...)

I don't know what my issue is.

Urgh...body image...


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Post I'll Write Another Day

I've been way perfectly on track to hit 50 tomorrow.  My calories have been under these past few days and I had a great run tonight.

I stepped on the scale before my shower and I am so beyond bummed...

There is no way I'm hitting 50 way...and I am so upset with myself for it.

I sat on the floor of the shower letting the hot water rain over me and had a million thoughts from this past week running through my head.  I thought "I'm okay with knowing I'll not hit 50 tomorrow...let's write a post about body image and find a way to spin it positive"...

I can't force myself to not care about something I have told myself for the last few weeks that I really don't care about.

I'm going to bed.

That post will come another day.

And it will be a good one, too...


Monday, February 20, 2012

Week 8 Challenge: Appreciate Your Life

Week 8 Challenge: Appreciate Your Life

This week, the challenge is pretty self-explanatory: appreciate your life!  Life has it's ups and definitely it's downs.  However, I feel like if you step back and take a look, there are a lot of great things going on.  I also feel like a lot of times, I get so caught up with the negative intertwined in my life, I forget to appreciate those great things...the majority of things!

This past week was pretty rough for me, but I was lucky enough to find some good patches thrown in there.  I really plan to find the good things this week and really appreciate those that I have been given.

Think you can find a way to appreciate where you are and what you've got?


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week 7 Challenge: Update

Week 7 Challenge: Make YOU Happy

Challenge Reminder: This week, the challenge is to do something, anything, to make YOU happy.

I succeeded for the first time in a while!  What did I do?  Well...a lot of snuggling with my baby.  That little girl makes me so happy that it brings tears to my eyes (seriously, I just got that stinging-eye-watering-thing).  This past week, I did a whole lot of bedtime rocking/singing/snuggling with her.  It is pretty much the best thing ever.  And I ran my first 5 miler!  And I enjoyed many cups of delicious, delicious coffee.  OMG...and ice cream cake from Cold Stone (COME ON!  It was Lilly's birthday...)

It was a really rough week, but I managed to find time to make me feel good :)

Did you succeed at making YOU happy?


Saturday, February 18, 2012

2 Years

Happy birthday, Lilly!

I can't believe you are already two years old!

I am so happy and proud of the young lady you are becoming. amaze me more and more each day.

I love you forever and always!

Love, Mama


PS I just found out that you share a birth with Ms. Jillian' real?!?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Guess Who...

...has two thumbs and just ran her first 5 miler ever...

This girl!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Weigh-In Wednesday 2.15.12

I'm down from last week, so that is good.

Am I going to hit 50 pounds next week?!?  We shall see!

So, I ordered my bridesmaid's dress for Kali's wedding a size too small in hopes that that would motivate me to kick up my weight loss a notch.  Problem?  It fits me just fine.

I need a new motivator...any ideas?!?


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Treadmill Running

It is no secret how much I hate treadmill running.

BUT...something seems to have changed.

Don't get me wrong...I still don't like it...but it isn't as bad as it used to be.

I remember when the thought of having to bust out two miles on the dang treadmill was worse than the thought of cutting off my left leg and using my toes to gouge out my eyes.  I. HATED. IT.

I don't know if it was just because I was still not in shape or because I was still just a whiney baby...but things are different now!

I still don't like the treadmill (as I said above), but I don't make up every possible excuse not to run 3 miles on it.  Saturday, I opted to avoid negative wind chills and high winds for a quick 3 miler on the treadmill.  Last night, I opted for the treadmill for my 3 miles again to avoid the dark.  I think my endurance is finally getting up where I want/need it to be, so that helps.  Also, it helps if there is something good on tv and I play games with myself while I run (ie: run at 6.8 mph until the end of the commercial or you can bump it down .1 mph when "fill-in-the-blank" comes on screen).

Silly?  Yes.

Helpful?  Double yes.

That's all I have for now.


PS Happy Valentine's Day!  Lee sent me flowers at work!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Kickin' the Rut in the Butt

It is no secret that I have been in a rut lately.  I've gotten so comfortable with where I am in my journey, that I've let myself eat (more or less) what I have wanted for the past two weeks.  I haven't logged anything in LoseIt! since January 30th, and even then it was only for part of the day.  I'm doing it now...starting today!  Breakfast is already logged and I haven't even finished it.  I can't be certain that I will log on the weekends, but the weekdays, for sure.

I'd like to toot my horn a bit now.  *toot*toot*  I have NEVER been able to stick with anything in my life, but this running plan I have created...I'm totally sticking with it, guys!  I'm only one run behind (missed Wednesday last week) and I've been doing this since January 1st!  I plan on sneaking in that missed 3 mile run somewhere, but still...I'm keeping with it.  I think it is funny that when I do miss a run, I get all nervous and panicky about having to make it up.  Maybe it is because I've got a big race coming up...???  I know it is super far away (or at least it seems that way), but it will be here before we know it and I want my body to be ready.

I'm going to find a way (time and energy) to start throwing in some JM workouts (30 Day Shred, Ripped in 30) or something else to get some muscle tone happening.  Can I do it?!?



Week 7 Challenge: Make YOU Happy

Week 7 Challenge: Make YOU Happy

This week, the challenge is to do something, anything, to make YOU happy.  Let yourself have your favorite pastry from your favorite bakery.  Read.  Have some time with your girlfriends/boyfriends.  Whatever it is that floats your boat, just go out of your way to do at least one thing that makes you happy.

I've been in a rut for a while, so this is much needed.  I will for sure will be having some Starbucks this week!  That really makes me happy  :)  What else...?  Wait and see!

What makes you happy?


Week 6 Challenge: Update

Week 6 Challenge: Make Someone Happy

Challenge Reminder: This week, the challenge is to do something, anything, to make someone happy.

I...suck...  I can't honestly think of a single thing I did to make someone happy....aside from Bean.  The littlest things make that girl so happy and giggly and makes my entire world melt with joy.  I totally tried to buy some Starbucks for people, but when I went, there was NOBODY behind me in the drive thru.  I seriously tried to take a long time just so someone would come and I could secretly buy them their morning dice...sad panda.  This week, perhaps?

Did you not suck like me?  Did you make someone happy?


Friday, February 10, 2012

Random Food and Running Stuff

I've been having some trouble lately with the whole eating thing.  Like I've said before, I've hit a place where I am comfortable with where I am.  I think that is my downfall because I work hard and then I just don't care.  I'll figure it out.  :)

On a different note, running...still trying to love it.  I'm getting better at it, though!  With my schedule, I get panicky if I miss a run because I know I have to figure out where to squeeze it in.  I skipped my run on Wednesday because I wasn't feeling great.  All day yesterday I was all worried about when I would make it up.  Then I didn't want to run yesterday.  Well, I forced myself and did one better.  Saturday is a scheduled 4 mile, but the temp is supposed to be around zero.  Therefore, I did 4.25 miles last night and I think I could have done more.  I felt better after I ran...I usually do.

I was totally going to do a race this weekend...glad I never signed up!  3.1 miles in 9°F (that feels like -6°F) weather with 14 mph winds?!?  NO THANKS!!!  Instead, I will find time to bust out 3 miles on the treadmill at some point.

Have a plesant Friday.  :)


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weigh-In Wednesday 2.8.12

The scale was up today and I'm surprised it wasn't up even more.

No excuses from me.

No BS about how it is okay because muscle weighs more than fat.

I had some moments of delightful, guilt-free eating...

(...dinner with the hubby, birthday drinks with Kali, Starbucks with Mom, SUPERBOWL PIZZA, birthday cookies with Kali, birthday cake with one of the bosses...)

I'll take that 1.4 pounds this week and not feel bad.  I'd say I "earned" it.


PS HAPPY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY TO THE WONDERFUL MS. case you missed all the birthday treats above from this week :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 6 Challenge: Make Someone Happy

Week 6 Challenge: Make Someone Happy

This week, the challenge is to do something, anything, to make someone happy.  Whether you do a little something to make your spouse/Mom/brother/daughter smile or you help out a stranger some way, just find a way to make someone else's day a little brighter.

I have ideas of what I will be doing, but I will just see what I come up with.

How will you be making someone happy?


Week 5 Challenge: Update

Week 5 Challenge: Comfort Zone, Shmumfort Zone

Challenge Reminder: This week, the challenge is to do something outside of your comfort zone.  Push past your boundaries and do something that makes you feel a little uncomfortable.

How did I do?  Did I do what I had planned?  I didn't.  I was going to, but my time was cut WAY short and so, this week or next, I will give it a shot!
What boundary did you push?  How did it go?

Update from last week: I did Ripped in 30 twice last week!  I had planned on doing it every day in February, but the fact that I'm running four times a week makes it a little tough (11 workouts/week?!?).  I may try again now that my body has almost recovered.  We shall see!


Friday, February 3, 2012

I Am Not Ashamed

Yesterday, I forgot my breakfast...

By 11:00...I was starving...

I also forgot my I ordered Pizza Luce...delicious, delicious Pizza Luce...

I ate the entire thing...

It was SOOOOOO delicious...

And I'm not even ashamed...

Especially since I did 2 workouts yesterday...

And I only had half a beef patty with cheese and an egg for dinner...

And shared a Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sammich with my Bean for dessert...

And life is good...


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

...And That's My Grand Casino Story...

Last week was quite a toughy!  Therefore, Mom decided to head north on Saturday to hit the casino for a bit.  I tagged along, since I thought I could use some mindless fun, too!

On the way up, we stopped at the North Branch Outlet Mall.  I had to return something and had to use a free $10 thing.  Well, I scored at the three stores I went in...that never happens!  I exchanged my little wallet at Rue21 and picked up a few items for myself.  I went to Carter's to use my $10 card and for $.98 got her a new pair of jammies (with Panda Bears and polka dots!) and a polka dot skirt.  At Bath & Body works I got some delightful smelling soaps and candles for cheap.  I rule!

When shopping was complete, we headed up north to the Grand Casino Hinckley.

While we were walking in, a bunch of people were walking out with silverware sets.  My mom said she hadn't gotten a coupon for a free one (they send coupons for free stuff to her all the time), but that if you earn 50 points in a day you can get one.  I laughed and said, " either of us would ever earn 50 points in a day..."

About a half hour into the slot machine party that is the penny machines, I was already down $25 of the $40 I had brought along.  I knew this was going to be a short trip after I talked to Mom and realized that she was in the exact same boat.

*waa*waa* <---That is one of those sad trumpet sounds and not a baby cry...

She was going to try another machine...'Ole JalapeƱos!'...and so I told her I was going to mosey around and find something new to try.  I put a few dollars into some machine and hit a bonus game right away that gave me some free spins.  As these free spins are going, my cell phone rings.  It was Mom.

Me: "Hey...I'm on some machine by the first cashier cage and..."
Mom: "You have to come here!  Quick!"
Me: "What?  I can't I'm in a free spin bonus round."
Mom: "Now!  Come here!"
Me: "I can't.  I'm winning.  I'll cash out as soon as this thing is down spinning and..."
Mom: "I think I just won $514 on one spin!  COME HERE QUICK!"

I have never wanted a bonus round to end quicker than I did at that moment.  As soon as it was done, I quick cashed out and ran (yes...picture crazy woman running through the crowded casino...) and found Mom.  She was laughing and was STILL waiting for the credits to finish running on her machine.  It was awesome!  Once everything was said and done, she had 52,080 credits/pennies...a nice $520.80!  She cashed it out, made me put the $500 in my pocket for our trip to Europe, and took the rest to keep playing.

From that point on, we didn't win a bunch of money, but we sure played a lot!  We'd go up a bit and then down a bit.  Either way, we got to play for a long time.  I was having a lot of fun on this one machine when I realized that I thought I had 42 points (I had been watching for fun).  I told Mom and she said we should find out how many she has.  I told her to go to the desk to find out in a little bit.  It was 8:42.  She said we had to go now since you had to have the points by 9:00 p.m. to get the silverware.  I was bummed because I totally thought I might reach it with all the up and down.  We went to check our cards.  She had 62...enough to get her free silverware.  I did, in fact, have 42.  Mom told me she was going to run and get her silverware and that I was to go find a machine, plunk in some of my money and play like a fool and get those points in the next 15 minutes.  By the time she got back, I had 44 points.  She grabbed my card and went to another machine.  It was 8:49.  Mom started spinning the wheels like crazy as I watched and counted my points.  At 8:57, I needed 1 point.  As that one point came up, I grabbed my card and took off for the free silverware line (yes...picture crazy woman running through the crowded casino for the second time in the same night...) as it was 8:58.  I made it just in time and they cut off the line two people behind me!

When I get back to Mom, she was winning again and we had a good laugh about the race we had just completed:

Mom: "Did you make it!?!"
Me: "Yep!  Only two people after me made it.  She said I was right on the nose with points."
Mom: "Great!  Can you believe our night?  $500 for our trip and you got two new sets of silverware."
Me: "Not at all!  Remember how I said there was no chance of either of us hitting 50 points tonight?!?"
*cue lots of laughter*

After a while...
Mom: "So...uh...did you even need silverware?"
Me: *laughing* "To be honest, I have no idea...I guess I don't need any now!"
*cue more laughter*

We played some more and then headed home.  It was one of the best, if not THE best, night at the Casino with Mom.

I'm Katie and THAT'S my Grand Casino Story!


Monthly Recap: January

I thought it might be a good idea to check in after the end of each month, maybe touch base with my 2012 goals, and see how things are progressing.  Let's start with the goals:

  1. Run 500 Miles in 2012
    • January had me running a total of 35.5 miles, therefore bringing my 2012 mileage total to 35.5/500.  Only 464.5 miles to go!
  2. Run a 10k
    • Not yet, but I'm working on it!
  3. Run a Half Marathon
    • Not yet, but I'm working on it!
  4. Complete a Duathlon
    • Not yet...August!
  5. Complete (at least) 12 Races
    • I've done 1 race this month...on the first day of the year, therefore bringing my 2012 race total to 1/12!
  6. Hit my Goal Weight of 130
    • As of this morning, I weigh 146.4 pounds.  That means I have lost 7.2 pounds in January and am only 16.4 pounds away from 130.  Keep it going!
  7. Be a Better Mom
    • Working on it :)
  8. Be a Better Wife
    • Working on it...could be doing better
  9. Be a Better Friend
    • Working on it...could be doing better
  10. Be a Great Bridesmaid
    • Working on it...could be doing more
  11. Get Into Nursing School
    • Applications are now it is just a waiting game until April or so...
  12.  Get a House
    • We got pre-approved again and we've looked at some.  Nothing yet...
  13. Pay Off a Student Loan
    • This one takes time...
  14. Dress Better to Feel Better
    • I don't wear jeans to work except for Fridays (and one random Monday when I had no clean dress clothes to cover my rump...I did dress up a nice pair of jeans with boots and a sweater, though)
  15. Floss More
    • I haven't missed a day yet this year!

Weigh-In Wednesday 2.1.12

I'll take it!

I'm .4 pounds away from 50 pounds lost.  Next week, perhaps!!!