Friday, December 28, 2012

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder...

I figured that I hadn't updated here in quite some time.  Things have been pretty crazy here the last month or so, but I figured I owed you all an update :)

  • I started a new job!  I am no longer working at the school, but I'm now back in the healthcare field working at a local hospital.  I am still on orientation, but I really like it so far!  Lee started a new job, as well, which he really likes.  Two new jobs at once, however, makes things a little...nerve-wrecking...
  • I was doing physical therapy for my knee for a while, but despite being religious about doing my exercises, it wasn't getting any better.  Aside from that, it was expensive (especially when they wanted me there at least once a week), so I stopped going.  Unfortunately, when I stopped going, I was so frustrated that I also stopped doing my exercises...
  • Despite zero exercise and not eating the best since Thanksgiving, I am still holding my weight under 150 lbs.  In the new year, I would like to keep my weight around where I am, but I want to be fit again.  I've slacked since my knee injury, but I want to get better again.
  • The holidays have been quite busy...need I say more???

Hopefully, things will keep settling into place and I can start working on my knee again.  Lee and I are also planning on trying to be healthier as a family...since it is easier to do it as a family and keep it going.

Happy holidays and best wishes in the New Year!


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Monthly Recap: November

November is over and December is here!  One month left to finish these things!!!

  1. Run 500 Miles in 2012
    • November was spent trying to heal my knee.  I ran a total of about 3.5 miles, therefore bringing my 2012 mileage total to 367.5/500.  With one month left, 132.5 miles to go, and my knee still really isn't looking very promising...  I would have to run an average of about 4.3 miles a day to hit that goal... *waaa*waaa*
  2. Run a 10k
  3. Run a Half Marathon
  4. Complete a Duathlon
  5. Complete (at least) 12 Races
    • I did 1 race this month (Fast Before the Feast) my 2012 race total moves to 12/12!  BOOYA!!!
  6. Hit my Goal Weight of 130
    • Not happening
  7. Be a Better Mom
    • I have been really working on patience and spending time with Bean
  8. Be a Better Wife
    • Doing what I can
  9. Be a Better Friend
    • Struggling to find time for friends right now, but I'm really trying :(
  10. Be a Great Bridesmaid
  11. Get Into Nursing School (Failed...)
  12.  Get a House
  13. Pay Off a Student Loan
    • Just gotta keep chipping away...
  14. Dress Better to Feel Better
    • Still doing it...
  15. Floss More
    • Missed a few days, but still keeping it up